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Photo by Laurence Salzmann

Photo by Laurence Salzmann


Harry’s formal training in classical ballet began at the age of six.  He has been awarded numerous scholarships through which he has attended the School of American Ballet in NYC, San Francisco Ballet School, Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz, Dresden, Germany and the Barbara Sandonato School of Ballet in Philadelphia.


His major influences in dance have been his mentor, Barbara Sandonato, first principal dancer of Pennsylvania Ballet. George Balanchine, founder and choreographer of NYC Ballet and contemporary choreographer, William Forsythe.


His academic education includes The Philadelphia School, Center School, Delaware Valley Friends and Upattinas School & Resource Center.  Extracurricular activities included fencing and horseback riding.  In addition to school and dance, he’s worked for several retail companies including Club Monaco, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.  His work experience encompasses selling, styling, analyzing, production, and customer service.


After studying, dancing and working in Philadelphia and Dresden, Harry decided to expand his focus to include video and film direction.  In 2013, he accepted an internship at Klip Collective, a visual art shop integrating projection lighting and technology with storytelling to create compelling experiences on behalf of institutions, corporate clients and cultural partners.  Photographer Pier Nicola D’Amico and projection mapping pioneer, Ricardo Rivera founded Klip in 2003 to create immersive and large-scale video projection experiences. There he spent over a year of assisting the directors on small and large video, photo and live-projection mapped shoots and events.  In 2016 Harry began working full time for private investigation company, Social Detection as an internet analyst of the Investigation Division. There he spent time writing reports and retrieving vital record information for companies in the Insurance industry.  


After a year of focusing on private investigation Harry was offered an executive position with the Han Dynasty Restaurants and has partnered with Philadelphia's design studio Freshgore

Photograph by Elliot Reynolds 

Photograph by Elliot Reynolds 


Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel BZBI
Greene Towne School
The Philadelphia School
Center School
Apple Farm
Delaware Valley Friends School
Rock School for Dance Education
Rittenhouse Dance Academy
Chamounix Equestrian Center
Fencing Academy of Philadelphia
Barbara Sandonato School of Ballet
School of American Ballet
San Francisco Ballet School
Palucca Schule fur Tanz

Pennsylvania Ballet
Peabody Institute
Club Monaco
Metronom Bar
Art of - International Summer School Berlin
American Apparel
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Making Time
Urban Outfitters
Klip Collective
Commonwealth Proper
AETNA Healthcare
Blue Visual Effects INC.
Social Detection
Han Dynasty


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